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KHS Athletic Hall of Fame

A message regarding the passing of Bonnie Watters

From Karen Kottenbrook Johnson (Kofa, Class of 1965):

"On September 3, 2019 one of the greatest supporters of students at Kofa High School raced up to the gates of heaven and threw them open. She had arrived.  Bonnie Watters was a proud Texan and she died in Texas as she had planned surrounded by her family and friends.    

Bonnie, or Ms. Watters, was hired to teach at Kofa in 1962. She was the girls physical education teacher, and a coach for girls sports. She also sponsored all cheerleading and song leading squads, and dedicated herself to organize and run Homecoming celebrations at Kofa for more years then one could count.

Bonnie taught students so much more than physical education. She had the gift of teaching students leadership skills and to be responsible adults when they grew up. Her ability to expect that her students practiced sportsmanship was evident and she taught students "you can do it" when they thought they couldn't.

Last year, Bonnie was inducted into the Kofa Athletic Hall of Fame. She is the first female coach to be in the Hall of Fame. Many former students present the day of the banquet said that was the happiest they had ever seen her. She was not used to being in the spotlight and on that day the sun was full and it shined right on her.   

It is time to rest in peace Ms. Watters. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. "