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MCAS Student Liaison

Marine Corps families with school-age children may encounter issues associated with academic support and school transitions. Therefore, the extent and quality of services available to assist military parents to resolve these issues are critical to the well-being of military families and the Marine Corps mission.

The School Liaison manages and coordinates education support services for children and youth. Facilitating the delivery of these services and working with command, families, schools, and communities are important ways the School Liaison promotes quality education for military children and youth.

The School Liaison Can:

  • Provide you with specific academic and location information about Yuma schools.
  • Offer school transition support including registration information.
  • Help with transferring education records and dealing with varying school-to-school academic curriculum, schedules, and high school graduation requirements.
  • Assist in communicating with your child’s new school including support of Exceptional Student matters.
  • Present you with the resources to increase academic success with your child.
  • Support the social and emotional well being of your child in times of deployment or stress.
  • Provide high school post-secondary guidance.
  • Develop and coordinate school, installation, and community partnerships.


To work collaboratively with military families, civilian and military leaders, educators, and community members to establish support systems and develop processes that promote smooth educational transitions and resolve the unique issues related to the military child.


A community in which military and civilian partners work hand in hand to successfully educate and advocate for the military child


  • Understand and identify barriers to quality education for military dependent children in Yuma and develop solutions.
  • Seek to promote and educate the command, parents, our Yuma community, and schools about the unique needs of military children and to encourage their involvement in youth education.
  • Make connections to partners who can provide support and assistance for military families and their educational needs.
  • Communicate information to allow families to advocate effectively for their children in the educational setting.

Baseline Services Within the School Liason Program

  • School transition support services
  • School and community partnership initiatives
  • Installation/School communications
  • Post-secondary preparation opportunities
  • Link to Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)


Candice Brown
Phone- (928) 269-5373


1085A Martini Ave
(next to the Lincoln Housing Office & CDC)


08:30-17:00 Mon-Fri